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Indoor air pollution has a dramatic impact on everyone’s health: Particulate Matter (PM), chemical pollutants (VOCs) and microbes trigger allergies, cancers, heart issues, …

Protect your loved ones thanks to an indoor air purifier!


A healthy bedroom

Good indoor air quality is critical to protect the childrens’ lungs.


Free yourself from allergens

A purifier captures pollutants which would trigger breathing crises.


Breathe with your full lungs

A purifier will help you to breathe more freely and avoid being out of breath.


Remove bad smells

A purifier will capture smoke and smells of cigarettes at home.


Insufficient ventilation at home

A purifier will clean polluted air at home if you cannot open the windows sufficiently.


Pets trigger allergies

A purifier will capture the irritating allergens due to cats and dogs.

Air Serenity purifiers

The Aurora technology, developed by Air Serenity, fits in a cartridge which makes each air purifier efficient, autonomous, connected.


LiV air purifier for homes
  • Sleek: its design fits in everyone’s home
  • 50 x more efficient*: it cleans a room in one hour
  • 50 m², one year of efficiency for your peace of mind
  • Autonomous: you plug it, you can forget it, it drives your air
  • Programs and schedules to clean the air before you come back home


LiVi air purifier for offices, daycare, ...
  • Practical: you put it on a table, over a wardrobe …
  • 50 x more efficient*: it cleans a room in one hour
  • 50 m², one year of efficiency for your peace of mind
  • Autonomous: you plug it, you can forget it, it drives your air
  • Programs and schedules to clean the air before you come back home


PuR purifies air in a whole building
  • Hidden into HVAC system, it cleans air of a whole building
  • 50 x more efficient*to capture VOCs that your HVAC lets through
  • One year of efficiency before swapping the cartridge
  • Autonomous: it cleans air which goes through
  • Tailored to perfectly suit your requirements

Aurora cartridge

Air Serenity purification cartridge
  • One year of efficiency , it fits into LiV or LiVi.
  • Re-usable : you received the new one, you ship back the old one in the same box.

Mobile application

  • Stay informed about the quality of air you breathe
  • Witnes the decrease of pollution level over time
  • Drive your device and schedule purification cycles
See data

Purify air at home or in your office: it is 8 times more polluted than outdoor

because three kinds of indoor pollutants accumulate

Particulate matter

Presence in air: average

Particulate matter and pollens

Particulate matter is generated by cars or heating. Pollens come from plants, flowers, … These pollutants come from outside, carried within the air flow which (by chance!) ventilates your home. These pollutants are classified depending on their size: 2.5 µm, 10 µm, etc. Air Serenity has selected a HEPA filter to trap these air pollutants tightly.

Chemical pollution, called VOC

Presence in air: very high

Chemical pollutants: VOCs

These Volatile Organic Compounds are emitted by numerous daily products: perfumes, cleaning products, beauty products, furniture, glue, paint, … These molecules have been widely used for years, but the WHO has recently proven that some of them are extremely harmful. The most famous VOC is formaldehyde, but there are in reality hundreds of different molecules which may be dangerous by themselves, and sometimes even worse when they are combined. This is precisely why indoor air is 5 to 10 times more polluted than outdoor air! At the heart of Air Serenity purifiers, the Aurora technology is specifically designed to capture these air pollutants very efficiently.

Virus, bacteria, mold

Presence in air: variable

Virus, bacteria, mold

Viruses and bacteria are transmitted by people. They may be benign, disturbing (like flu) or really dangerous (H1N1). Mold develops where humidity stagnates, they irritate the airways. At the heart of its air purifiers, the plasma mastered by Air Serenity blasts the virus walls. And it does not release ozone!

The solution

Air Serenity cartridge captures all pollutants

The Air Serenity Aurora cartridge combines :

  • a mechanical HEPA filtern which is the most reliable solution to hold Particulate Matters
  • a blend of molecular sieves to trap and eliminate the widest range of VOCs
  • a plasma blast to wipe out the trapped VOCs and to explode the walls of cells and bacteria.
Air Pollution has major negative impacts on health

30 %

of population has allergies

8 %

of population suffers from asthma


early deaths worldwide

18 %

of efficiency drop while working

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